Average Prices Of Tattoos By Size

Are you thinking of getting a new tattoo? Then, you must have at least an idea of the average prices of tattoos by size. Read on and find out how much you have to pay for a tattoo depending on its size.

Tattoo Pricing

There are two ways tattoos are priced. One is per work done and the other is by the hour. When we say per work done, artists charge you upfront for the tattoo no matter how big or small it is. However, this kind of pricing usually applies for small tattoos only.

On the other hand, tattoo pricing by the hour is the more common way tattoo artists price tattoos. The amount of time the tattoo is worked on is calculated to define the final cost of the tattoo. Hence, the bigger the tattoo, the higher the price will become as it will require more time to be completed. The same is true for a tattoo in a sensitive area, a tattoo with a very detailed design, and a tattoo with a colored design. The longer the tattoo is done, the higher the tattoo price can become.

Average Tattoo Prices

It is indeed very hard to tell the exact price of a tattoo by size alone. This is true because there are several other factors that may affect the pricing in the end. For instance, a medium-sized tattoo on the upper arm will cost lower than the same size and design of tattoo on the ribs. This is true because the location of the tattoo speaks a lot on the overall price of the tattoo. Other factors that may affect tattoo costs include color, design, location of the tattoo shop, and the expertise of the artist. With the basis on the size alone, here is the average cost of tattoo per size:

Small Tattoo ($40 to $50)

The same price applies no matter how small the tattoo is. Whether it is a small dot, a single letter, or a small star, the price range is usually the same because this is mostly every shop’s minimum charge for tattooing.

Medium to Large Tattoo ($100 to $300 per hour)

Medium and larger tattoos are usually priced by the hour. The hourly price usually depends on the location of the tattoo salon and the expertise of the artist. Say for example you get a tattoo that requires three hours of work for $100 per hour. Then, you have to pay $300 for your tattoo. The price usually goes up the bigger and the more detailed the tattoo becomes. This is especially true if you get a professional artist who has an hourly rate of $300 or even more.

Besides this average price of tattoos, it is customary for you to tip the artist for a job well done. Usually, this requires 25 percent of the total cost of the work.

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